Create your Own Special Holiday Celebrations to Reconnect with Nature  One of the most ancient ways of honoring and celebrating the human-nature connection are seasonal festivals. For Millennia our human ancestors have recognized peak times in nature when seasons begin to shift. Since they were utterly dependent on the Earth’s bounty to survive they needed […]

TWELVE HOLY NIGHTS—Deep Rest, Renewal and Rebirth

From Christmas on Dec 25 until the dawn of January 6th when Epiphany is celebrated, exists a sacred circle of time. These 12 nights arise from the gap between the lunar and solar calendars and are therefore considered holy and beyond time. This is often the ‘dead of winter’ phase when there is a strange, quiet lull. […]

INDIAN SUMMER – The Fifth Season

Field of Ripening Grain

We enter the final harvest time which we call Indian Summer around August 23rd when the back-to-school frenzy begins, declaring Summer is over and Autumn is here. Yet it doesn’t seem like Fall, and Summer is still lingering. Indian Summer has qualities of both, warm in the day with bursts of heavy heat and then […]


When we join our personal transformation to the potent times in Nature’s cycle, we can more easily expand our own evolutionary growth. Just as the Earth supports an acorn becoming an oak, we are supported in our individual human development when we connect to the energies of Nature, especially during seasonal points of power like […]


“We have come so far, that the old stories whisper once more.” Robert Duncan On May 1st, our ancient Celtic ancestors celebrated the peak of spring in the festival of Beltane—Gaelic for ‘bright fire.’ Beltane honors the fertile and flowery abundance of the Earth goddess, the sun god Bel and the fiery force of sexual […]


In moderate winter climates, February is the month when signs of spring begin to appear; snowdrops, crocuses and groundhogs arise from their wintery hibernations. Celtic Imbolc on Feb 1st and Valentines Day on Feb 14th are pre-spring holidays with pagan roots that honor fertility. This is the time when lambs are born and some birds […]


Our ancestral forbears have honored the Winter Solstice as the most pivotal point of the year. Not only is it the longest night, it is also the time of opening to receive a spiritual infusion of new light, energy and vision for the coming year with the sun’s rebirth out of darkness. Knowing the origins […]

Deep Autumn

DEEP AUTUMN–Halloween or Samhain on Oct. 31st marks the beginning of the Celtic New Year as nighttime lengthens and darkness expands. A sharper night chill sets in, ancestors and the dead are honored and the green world retreats into underground roots to rest. The magnetic, yin pull of the Earth draws life inward at this […]

About Shanti

Known for her wisdom, insight, down to Earth perspective and vivid personal stories, Shanti is an Ecopsychologist and ecotherapist, natural health consultant, university teacher and an expressive arts, meditation and movement instructor. Through her classes, seminars and international retreats, She has taught Nature- based healing practices, depth psychology and new paradigm principles to thousands of clients and students for over 35 years.

She weaves together many strands of knowledge and experiential learning in the tapestry of her work with groups and individuals, presentations and forth-coming book. She offers consultations, talks, seminars and retreats.


Mission Statement

Shanti’s mission is to help midwife the Ecological Era by sharing practices and principles that support people in developing a transformative, healing connection to their inner nature and to the powers of the Living Earth.

Once we know we are part of the Earth's network of energy and intelligence, we will take action to preserve her ecosystems as our larger body. The Earth is a living being and can guide us in co-creating a slower, simpler eco-centric lifestyle that is sustainable and in harmony with Nature.

Supportive Comments

Good work Shanti in emphasizing the beneficial aspects of Nature connection as a support and motivation for environmental activism, like that of
-- BILL McKIBBEN, Author, Activist and Co-founder of

Shanti is a friend of the Pachamama Alliance and a pro-active Ecopsychologist, who is dedicated to helping change the dream of the modern world.
-- LYNNE TWIST, Author and Co-founder of Pachamama Alliance.

Shanti is an enlightening messenger overflowing with knowledge, insight and wisdom.
-- TERRY LASZLO-GOPADZE, Author, Presenter and Storyteller

Shanti is a great advocate of Nature-oriented healing practices.
-- SHIRLEY MACLAINE, Actress and Author,

Shanti’s work helps people release painful patterns and develop a Nature- oriented mindset that generates healing energy, creative inspiration and spiritual growth.
-- SHIVANI BURROWS-GOODWILL, Curriculum Instructor at the Southern California Waldorf Teacher Training Institute

This work is Shanti's loving gift to the shift.
-- BARBARA MARX HUBBARD, Author and Futurist Visionary