Connecting Body, Mind and Soul to Nature

buddhainferns-300x225Dr. Shanti offers consultations, talks, seminars and retreats.

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About Shanti

Known for her wisdom, insight, down to Earth perspective and vivid personal stories, Shanti is an Ecopsychologist and ecotherapist, natural health consultant, university teacher and an expressive arts, meditation and movement instructor. Through her classes, seminars and international retreats, She has taught Nature- based healing practices, depth psychology and new paradigm principles to thousands of clients and students for over 35 years.

She weaves together many strands of knowledge and experiential learning in the tapestry of her work with groups and individuals, presentations and forth-coming book. She offers consultations, talks, seminars and retreats.


Mission Statement

Shanti’s mission is to help midwife the Ecological Era by sharing practices and principles that support people in developing a transformative, healing connection to their inner nature and to the powers of the Living Earth.

Once we know we are part of the Earth's network of energy and intelligence, we will take action to preserve her ecosystems as our larger body. The Earth is a living being and can guide us in co-creating a slower, simpler eco-centric lifestyle that is sustainable and in harmony with Nature.

Supportive Comments

Good work Shanti in emphasizing the beneficial aspects of Nature connection as a support and motivation for environmental activism, like that of
-- BILL McKIBBEN, Author, Activist and Co-founder of

Shanti is a friend of the Pachamama Alliance and a pro-active Ecopsychologist, who is dedicated to helping change the dream of the modern world.
-- LYNNE TWIST, Author and Co-founder of Pachamama Alliance.

Shanti is an enlightening messenger overflowing with knowledge, insight and wisdom.
-- TERRY LASZLO-GOPADZE, Author, Presenter and Storyteller

Shanti is a great advocate of Nature-oriented healing practices.
-- SHIRLEY MACLAINE, Actress and Author,

Shanti’s work helps people release painful patterns and develop a Nature- oriented mindset that generates healing energy, creative inspiration and spiritual growth.
-- SHIVANI BURROWS-GOODWILL, Curriculum Instructor at the Southern California Waldorf Teacher Training Institute

This work is Shanti's loving gift to the shift.
-- BARBARA MARX HUBBARD, Author and Futurist Visionary