Good work in emphasizing the beneficial aspects of Nature connection as a support and motivation for environmental activism, like that of
— BILL McKIBBEN, Author, Activist and Co-founder of

Shanti is a friend of the Pachamama Alliance and a pro-active Ecopsychologist, who is dedicated to helping change the dream of the modern world.
— LYNNE TWIST, Author and Co-founder of Pachamama Alliance.

Shanti is an enlightening messenger overflowing with knowledge, insight, and wisdom.
— TERRY LASZLO-GOPADZE, Author, Presenter, and Storyteller

Shanti is a great advocate of Nature-oriented healing practices.
— SHIRLEY MACLAINE, Actress and Author,

Shanti’s work helps people release painful patterns and develop a Nature-oriented mindset that generates healing energy, creative inspiration, and spiritual growth.
— SHIVANI BURROWS-GOODWILL, Curriculum Instructor at the Southern California Waldorf Teacher Training Institute

This work is Shanti’s loving gift to the shift.
— BARBARA MARX HUBBARD, Author and Futurist Visionary

What Students and Clients Have Said

“Working with Shanti is one of the best things I’ve done in my life.”

“She is an inspiring teacher and a five-star university professor.”

 “I was immediately drawn to Shanti’s style of teaching and her passion for holistic and natural health. I have come to regard her as one of the most important mentors in my life.  She lives her truth; her authenticity is completely genuine.  She is always willing to share her wisdom and knowledge while remaining compassionate, supportive, honest, patient and ethical.”

“She is first rate. She spoke for three hours with virtually no pre-conclusion departures. With the exception of relevant quotations, she lectured entirely without notes demonstrating complete command of her subject. It is difficult to define or describe the quality of persons who can so hold an audience. I feel it is obvious she knows what she is talking about and that she is filled with enthusiasm for her subject and can transmit that enthusiasm to her listeners. She is clearly spoken and well organized and seems to have something very special. It is magnetic and raises her to a position of earned prominence even among professionals substantially older and well known.”

“Shanti is an inspiring soul with an endless wealth of knowledge.”

“Her teaching has had a profound effect on my life!”

“Shanti is very knowledgeable and her life experiences enrich her teachings.”

“Shanti is amazing! I’ve learned so much from her and am just so excited to know her! She is fantastic and I will always look forward to her teachings.”

“Shanti has facilitated many women’s’ groups, leading them through their issues in a professional and safe manner and has helped women reach their own inner healing and strength.”

“Shanti is wonderful!! I look forward to each of her classes and am able to get so much wisdom from them.”

“Great information. Wonderful meditations. Insightful. She creates a safe space for sharing.”