A sense of possibility, hope and abundance arises in spring as shoots of green emerge from the recharged roots of winter sleep and buds appear on barren trees. If we attune ourselves to this resurgence of renewed growth, we may feel a quickening of our own energy and an urge to launch creative projects.

To celebrate this rising power of Spring and honor our interdependence with the natural world, I’m planting native pollinator flowers in the garden starting with milkweed that I’ve grown from seed and then poppies,  monkey flower, golden bush, and penstemon. Our human life and food sources depend on pollinators like various types of bees and other insects, birds, butterflies and bats, which have declined by 70 % due to habitat loss and pesticides.

We can support their resurgence by planting local native plants in our gardens or in pots on the porch, once the cold and snow of winter recede. It’s so simple and easy to do this as a way of showing gratitude for all nature’s gifts and it will spark happy feelings. Plus when you dig in the earth with your hands, your gut will receive some supportive soil microbiome which will make it happy. You can share your contributions at wearetheark.com, a global garden rewilding site.