Our ancestral forbears have honored the Winter Solstice as the most pivotal point of the year. Not only is it the longest night, it is also the time of opening to receive a spiritual infusion of new light, energy and vision for the coming year with the sun’s rebirth out of darkness. Knowing the origins and early rituals of our current traditions and honoring them enriches both. To celebrate the beauty and depth of the Solstice along with Christmas and Hanukah rituals can stimulate an expansion of consciousness that connects us to each other, Nature’s cycles and our primordial roots. These short eco-posts are an invitation for you to create your own holiday celebrations that harmonize with Nature’s seasonal changes.

We hold a special Winter Solstice festival for friends and family that also honors the Advent of Christmas with singing, seasonal treats, piano music and walking the Winter Spiral, which we make from pine boughs and fire berries. In the walk, everyone lights a candle from the Spiral’s great central candle and offers it from their heart for the healing of the Earth and Peace in the world.   Holiday Blessings to All, Shanti