1. Greater Sense of Aliveness. Being in a conscious relationship with Nature means coming back to your senses—awakening the precious gifts of sight, smell, touch, hearing and a myriad of other slumbering senses. Begin by learning about the bioregion where you dwell, how the wind blows, who are your native plant neighbors and creatures and from whence comes the water you drink. Our ancestors had to know these things or risk death.
  2. Being in the Now. Nature exists in the present moment. Who hasn’t experienced their mind disappearing into an exquisite sunset or a full moon rising? The door into Nature’s realm is never locked; we must learn to stop, look, listen and enter.
  3. Belonging to the Earth.  With Earth as a source of relationship and inspiration, our human dramas can be viewed from a larger perspective.  The sustained experience of oneness with Nature is profoundly transformative and can be a portal of illumination, as it was for Jesus in the wilderness, Moses with the Burning Bush and Buddha under the Bodhi Tree. Nature is a supportive, bio-spiritual matrix for Self Realization and Individuation.