LEARN MORE   Much has been accomplished in the areas of recycling, organic agriculture, and consumption, eco-friendly building, renewable energy, restoration of some ecosystems, protesting harmful development and divesting from fossil fuels.  All these activities reinforce each other and are expanding. They are essential cornerstones of the Ecological Era.

Most of us are adhering to green behaviors: recycling, composting, buying and eating more organic foods, etc. Many are engaged in the vital tasks of environmental activism. But it will take time and effort to really cross over into the Eco Era.  Naming our destination helps hasten the transitional process of changing our worldview. 

The holistic Ecological paradigm views humans as an inseparable part of Nature and provides an Earth-centered structure that can help secure a sustainable future for all members of the biosphere. It is based on empathy, interdependence, collaboration, and co-operation and honors the rights of the Earth, the laws of Nature and the leadership of women as equal partners with men.

I’ve chosen to emphasize the future possibilities for humanity, rather than catalog all the ways the current industrial, patriarchal and materialistic mindset is destroying the Earth for shortsighted gain.  This archaic paradigm is based on the false assumption that humans are separate from Nature and can, therefore, dominate and exploit her resources without consequence.  The wrathful weathers of climate change prove the opposite is true but appeals to reason and moral exhortations have so far not stopped the momentum of destruction and greed.

Thomas Berry also uses the term ‘Ecozoic’ to highlight the current geobiological end of the flourishing Cenozoic period when mammals and flowering plants emerged. Some scientists have labeled the new geologic epoch as the ‘Anthropocene’ which means ‘determined by humans.’ The term Ecological Era relates to the cultural shift out of the Industrial Era that must now occur with all due speed if we and all our fellow creatures are to survive.

My hope is that if enough people can shift into an Earth-centered lifestyle, it will help break the hypnotic trance of the industrial-consumerist agenda, which is leading to the death of Nature and our demise as a species. To ease the transition into a more humble role and mindset, I’m emphasizing the many methods and benefits of Nature connection in my book and how pleasurable it feels to be deeply bonded with the Living Earth.